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#Lockdown Foodie Secrets

A food & travel blog for the curious explorer.......

I would like to invite you all to our new food and travel blog. In a time when travel and all sorts of life as a foodie ceases to exist - what's that you say - "that's crazy!" Well, maybe you are right a tad but crazy is a medium I like to dip in and out of and that's the area where life usually has the most layers and adventure. On a serious note though, as life does seem to be put on pause for the moment and the streets of merry old London are somewhat empty, it draws us to use a magnifying glass and to focus a little more on what we may have missed when the hustle and bustle were at its peek. With this unexpected breathing period we may now delve into the city and find some true hidden gems that can finally come to life. From missed golden nuggets of history, fascinating stories, hidden architecture to incredible and delicious foods that may have easily been looked over before.

To start off this blog I will try and find the hardcore street food eateries that are still going strong and providing exceptional food in this odd time we find ourselves in and hopefully be able to record the transition of how London started to wake up again and life as we now it would get back to a more normal state of what we once knew.

Have a good read through and please share any little hidden secrets I have found to our fellow food and travel explorers. If you yourself know of a hidden part of London that needs its story being told, run or know of a restaurant / street food stall etc that you would like to appear on here or even on one of our tours, then please send me a message. If you think you've got that je ne sais quoi, we would love to share your story with everyone else (not without myself going through the very rigorous task of tasting it first of course).

I hope you enjoy this blog whoever you are and follow it from its inception to being one of Walk Eat Talk Eat's vital limbs of the company and helps spread the word around on what this great city has to offer. Perhaps we may even cross paths one day on one of our tours or just as acquaintances and remember! never stop eating, traveling and telling your own stories.


See you soon.

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