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Where did it all come from?



Walk Eat Talk Eat was born back in 2011, you wouldn’t believe it but back then there was only one other company doing food and drink tours around London. After many chilly mornings, walking in the rain perhaps with one or two sunny days, slowly fine-tooth combing the area to find out the best places to visit, Walk Eat Talk Eat was launched. 


Since starting, we have taken a few thousand people out touring, expanded to the South East and West of London and now specialize in private tours for big groups. But most Friday, Saturday and Sundays you'll still find us out and about on the regular tours.


What's the big idea?



"We take people to try great food from around the city, in places they might have otherwise missed. And as we go we tell them stories about the history of the area.



We work with independent places, places with personality and passion, and most importantly, bloody brilliant food.

London has always battled for the top spot in being the most visited city in the world. I can safely say for quite a long time too, this incredible city lacked a tad in what food it had to offer. But! New foods are afoot. This incredible world city now boasts exceptional street, international and traditional food.


This spurs me even more, to prove that this city is going through a renaissance in cooking. To anyone who possibly doubted what London had to offer in the past, I will make it my sole mission to show them that there is so much tasty evidence for them to try, they will have no choice but to change their mind”.



  Eddie Weaver, Owner and tour guide-in-chief.

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About Eddie

A bit of a history geek, a proud Londoner of twelve years, a lover of all things food-related and a confident storyteller. I have found a way to combine all my interests together and attach them to this business that I don’t even feel like I can call it work anymore. May the stories and food live on.

I have made it my life mission to visit every country on earth and learn about their culture but more importantly taste their food. If you concentrate on just their food, it can say so much about a person, city, country and culture which I find so fascinating. Everyone has a story to tell, a food they either love to eat or make themselves. If I have to be the person that has to listen to all their stories with my belly, then I will happily accept that challenge; who said life was hard eh?

Want to talk to me about speaking at an event, get in touch.


Fancy yourself as a
tour guide?

See if you've got what it takes to take to the streets, feed people great food and make friends with customers from all over the world. 

We're after actors, comedians, freelancers, students, stay-at-home parents, or anyone who can work funny hours.

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