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Whatever your brief, if it involves food or drink in London, we can help. 

We've taken:

- a US ice cream giant on a tour of the chiller cabinets of central London

- a hotel chain on a tour on south London, its eateries and attractions

- a health food brand on a tour of vegan restaurants, juice bars and organic shops

- a super-famous American chef on a tour of the curry kitchens of Brick Lane for NBC

and plenty more groups besides.

We can give you the inside track on food trends, source participants for focus groups and introduce you to neighbourhoods across the city.

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We've done tours with two people and groups of 50+ who split into mini groups. 

We can tour morning, noon or night and fit in with whatever window of time you have.

Depending on what you're after, we'll match you with the best tour guide. They all know the city inside out.


Because we design a completely new tour for every brief we get, we can focus these tours on any area of London, or even cover the whole city


And we can organise a fleet of taxis, sort you out with travel cards, meet you at your hotel - whatever you need.  

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