Hidden gems:

tower bridge to borough


This tour is about getting you way off the beaten track, supporting small businesses and sharing the places that Londoners love.


Over three hours we visit six very different stops: a little something special on Tower bridge, two markets, a gin distillery and view into what London's old warehouses and docklands used to look like. 

And as with all our tours, we share loads of stories about the history of the area. And tales we've been told by locals who have lived in the area for years. 

£59pp (includes all the food and drink listed).


We keep these tour groups small so we can give you lots of love and attention (and food). We cap the groups at 5 people. 

We offer these as private tours too. Just get in touch for a quote.


We meet outside the Citizen M hotel by Tower Hill station.

We finish near Borough Market and London Bridge station.

Best to wear comfy shoes and dress for the weather. We tour come rain or shine.

A taste of the tour

We change the tour pretty regularly, but here's our most recent tour. 


After a spot of history by The Tower of London we march on towards Tower Bridge and stop right in the middle where it opens up and take in the whole vista. Whilst telling more tales, we will indulge in some very delicious olives that I have picked up earlier from Borough market just to start us off with a little something.


Wander down to the very hidden away Maltby Street Market - a weekend hangout that locals love - there we will try an Arepa. The Arepa is a staple in Venezuela and it will be served by the very charismatic Joel Ferrer Walo who is the proud owner of 'La Pepia'.


Pop into 'Jensen's distillery' or the 'Hiver' micro brewery to see where all the magic happens. Here we will either try some honey beer, gin and tonic or a local craft beer.


Plodding along towards the top of Bermondsey street we will pop into 'Giddy Grocer' and will try some locally sourced cheese and then take a sharp left to either sit down in Texas Joe's slow cooked meats where we'll try their very famous Brisket or try something as special from Switzerland which is mentioned in the next box.


Finally we will descend onto Borough Market. Whilst taking in all the plethora of foods we will have a small break so you can explore the market for yourself and take pictures. We will then try some oysters from 'Richard's oyster bar' and also a new Swiss export - the Raclette. 


Finish on a sugar high with a gourmet doughnut from a little bakery. Expect filling on your face and sugary fingers.

 We will end by the Golden Hinde which is very close to Borough Market, so you can explore more there after the tour.