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Primrose Hill - London's having a breather

Updated: Jun 3

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Atop of Primrose Hill, taking in London's beautiful scenery.
Letting London have a breather

As I sit on top of London's beautiful Primrose Hill and look over the whole city, there seems to be a much needed calmness in the air. As I start this blog and look forward to posting many more stories about food and travel, part of me wants to deter away from even mentioning this pandemic and I don't know why that is. I have decided to use this time whilst in lockdown to walk to a very special spot of mine (as I'm sure many other people's too) and soak up this great city while it lays dormant and awaits for its people to re-emerge. It almost reminds me of when Glastonbury festival requires a much needed fallow year for when the grass and nature needs to rejuvenate the pasture once again.

The calmness in this picture is somewhat accentuated with a spontaneous ray from a rainbow that quickly formed after this picture was taken and then quickly evaporated as it appeared. If you haven't spotted it yet - don't worry - it's tucked neatly behind The Shard almost giving it some god like stature; perhaps Renzo Piano (the architect) pulled a few strings with the big guy upstairs, eh?

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