Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back in time for my tea!

Updated: Jun 3

A little gem that you can't miss called the 'Smoke House' on Brighton & Hove seafront.

You are seeing the smokehouse in Brighton seafront that was once used by Jack & Linda and will hopefully be used again by Clare.
Smoke me a kipper!

I have popped down to Brighton to see my family this weekend with the extra added enjoyment of the latest April restrictions easing up.

From previous blogs I have written about, its great to document each phase of the re-opening of towns and cities but also to witness the joy of what it means to people. And today's enjoyment will be coming from a sumptuous smoked mackerel sandwich ( ignore the title, they do do smoked kipper but had just sold out - catchy title though -eh?) with tomato, lettuce, beetroot salsa, fresh ginger, dill and a blob of horse radish for that little extra kick. Also, a little tip - try not to wear your favourite white shirt as the beetroot salsa will make it its destiny to make camp in the fabric - no bueno -. At least I have a new purple shirt now.

Its funny, I do like fish from cod to haddock etc even the month I spent in Tokyo, I really wasn't that fazed by any of the tastes and really do love sushi but perhaps it was when I was a toddler that when I tried cockles / sardines / whelks that - that - intensity of salted sea water imprinted a very "memorable experience" for me that made me only try those sorts of fish on special occasions lets say (good luck with trying to get me to eat jellied eels, another life perhaps). Also perhaps it was my taste buds, maybe they had to mature a bit to really enjoy those types of fish & mollusc's.

Well today was the day and it only seemed fitting with the re-opening of more shops and food outlets that this serendipitous moment called itself as a special occasion. It was delicious, all the tastes coming together and complementing one another especially with the initial taste from the salted smoky flavour from the mackerel to the strong hit at the end of the horse radish that cleared my sinuses straight through. The texture of the mackerel is very similar to cooked chicken which threw me for a second wondering if I had been hustled....which I was not. Clearly as you can see in the picture, the presentation and the clear apparentness of each stage of the sandwich was just right. Whilst eating, I did notice something or someone watching me and all of a sudden a seagull swooped past me and missed my food so beware these seagulls have also acquired a taste for these incredible sandwiches too.

The actual edifice of where the smoke operates today dates back to the mid-late Victorian era. The building of the arches to when this part was more for the fisherman to make use of the small spaces. Next door you will also find the 'Brighton Fishing Museum' and is definitely worth a visit. They have placed outside a neatly restored Red fishing boat from yesteryear which might I add the young rapscallions of Brighton love to jump into on a Friday night out and reply the Titanic scene....I would know because I perhaps long ago I was Jack for a brief second.

You'll see on the front of the building a few signs that say 'Jack & Linda Mills' they were the previous owners of the smokehouse who I've been told started it up around 25 years ago. They retired a few years ago now, much to everyone's sadness but no fret as the new owner ( Clare and her trusty helper Jake - as seen in the pictures) have only continued the impeccable food and service of Jack and Linda. I can safely say 'The Smokehouse' is in safe hands and is ready to serve customers from far and wide their incredible fish.

Brighton Smokehouse address: Kings Road Arches, Brighton BN1 1NR


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