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Brighton coffee culture has landed!

Updated: Mar 19

England - Brighton - Bond Street.

Bond Street Coffee in Brighton helping out Walk Eat Talk Eat's coffee fix.
Bond Street Coffee sorting out my much needed coffee fix.

We are now coming up to nearly a year of when the first lockdown was imposed. As lockdowns get announced and implemented, the normal protocol for me is to pack up my bag and travel down to Brighton to see my parents and brave the storm there. The clean sea air and my mum's cooking is a massive bonus too. Like many other towns and cities all across the United kingdom (and the world), due to these restrictions many business's have had to close but there have been a few that have stayed open (still within the law) or as I like to call them #lockdownfoodiesecrets.

To describe what the Brighton Lanes are like, words such as electric, buzzing, colourful, eccentric come to mind. You can purchase anything under the sun in the Brighton Lanes except a pint of milk which actually can be a little annoying sometimes. On my daily exercise I sometimes weave in and out of the lanes on my way back home. I cannot forget to mention the sound in the background that wisps through the air as if you're in some sort of western film. The metal signs from all the shops creek back and forth and create quite an eerie type of sound and ambience for the intrepid cowboy / walker. Due to the emptiness you start to notice attributes to the lanes, little architectural features you may have missed before, pieces of artwork on the walls, certain shops you may have passed but now find yourself glaring into their window and thinking "yeah! I think I do actually need some vegetarian slippers".

There has been one saviour though throughout this pandemic that has helped me with my pondering of life and how odd the times we find ourselves in and that is 'Bond Street Coffee'. These guys have been working incredibly hard all throughout the year and have provided to people like myself (the wonderers of Brighton) that much needed caffeine boost.

If you ever happen to pop down to Bond Street Coffee and get served by a gentleman by the name of Stuart then I can happily say you are in safe hands. He knows everything that there is to know about the business, coffee but more importantly the science of why a good coffee tastes nice; a true barista. His geography ain't half bad too.

Stuart explained to me that their coffee is roasted at a place called 'Horsham Coffee Roaster' and that their ever changing single-origin menu highlights the incredible flavour profiles of all the different coffees they serve from around the world. More importantly they want you to come down there, speak to them and share which way your taste buds tend to float towards and are more likely to enjoy. From this information they will help direct you in which coffee would be best suited for your palate.

Stuart picked out for me coffee from Rwanda, I decided to just go for a black coffee to really try and take the whole experience in. There were definitely notes of orange and caramel in there but personally; a slightly too much tangy aftertaste. Nevertheless, a full and rich delicious coffee - no doubt - on its own. Perhaps this was a pre-meditated advertising attack but seeing that the Rwandan coffee was coursing through my body I suddenly felt the urge to purchase a small pouch of coffee for my small Italian Espresso maker back at home.

Stuart kindly presented three different types of coffee, that were all different to the one I just drank but he finally ended up on choosing of a mixture of two beans that would take the hit off the sour edge that I didn't much prefer in the previous coffee. A coffee with a little more sweetness and softness to it. I was given the organic blend, 40% Peru and 60% Guatemalan and the picture below is that of the cold hard evidence you see. There was a pleasant roundness and creaminess to this coffee that made me want to sip more and more.

Thank you again Stuart, you will be seeing me back again very soon and to the intrepid and curios explorer, the next time you find yourself in Brighton, take a little trip through the lanes of Brighton and pop into Bond Street Coffee...…you won't be disappointed.

P.S. As you can see from the video underneath, the coffee was superb and I look forward to making many more in the coming weeks.

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