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Applebee's delicious prawn wrap to the rescue.

Updated: Feb 24

England - London - Borough Market - Applebee's Fish restaurant / takeaway stall.

Borough Market

Even in lockdown Applebee's takeaway stall still attracts a crowd.

Here whilst on my "daily exercise" I have wondered into the world renowned Borough Market and low and behold there lays Applebee's Fish restaurant with their takeaway fish wraps stall outside. I have always wanted to try one of their fish wraps but the queue would always be too long. There have been times when I have been cajoled so much by the incredible smell then only to have just missed out due to such high demand for their food (they sell out very quickly). Well in the wise words of Buzz Lightyear "Not Today!". I found it slightly ironic though seeing that even in lockdown there was still a queue but this was a good omen for me. It showed that Applebee's still had that special spark for people to perhaps detour on their "daily exercise" and grab a much needed #foodtherapy fish wrap.

As you can see from one of the pictures the menu is very simple; three choices 1. Prawn wrap 2. Cajun fish wrap 3. both. I decided to go for their succulent garlic prawn wrap with a squirt of mayonnaise and chilli sauce then topped off with some lettuce as garnish. In a time where positivity is some what lacking; this wrap whacked a huge smile on my face & stomach. Not only was their food incredible but their service too was very inviting and they had a good energy about them. I look forward to returning to try their Cajun fish wrap in the coming weeks and well; I guess I'll then have to try both of them together because...…why not eh?

Why not go for a small detour on your exercise and grab one of their incredible fish wraps?

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