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These sorts of parties can get ridiculously expensive. But do a food tour and you get half a day's entertainment, you can replace lunch/dinner with the food on the tour and we can get you a little tipsy. Plus you get the kudos for organising something different. All for an affordable price.

We'd done tours themed around:

- craft beer and meat 

- sweet treats

 - chilli and chocolate

and then loads of trips that just involved lots of great food and drink. 

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For groups of 12+ we generally tour in Shoreditch, for smaller groups we tend to hit up SE1 (Bermondsey and Borough). Either way we pack in as much food and drink as your budget allows. 


The tours last 3.5 hours, so you get looked after and we get to entertain your group for a nice amount of time. 

If you want any advice on where to stay, how to get to us or other activities to do in London alongside the tour, we can help. 

A taste of a tour

Here's an example of a tour we did with 11 ladies in south London, over four hours with five lots of food and three drinks.


Start at Tower Hill then wander down to a hidden away marina where we try some kooky cronuts with a glass of fizz.


Head to the hard-to-find Maltby Street Market to try a fancy pants fish finger sandwich and explore the stalls.


Swing by a little gin distillery to try their two house gins before picking your favourite and supping on a seasonal cocktail. 


Visit a restaurant that makes the most amazing slow-roast brisket, which we wash down with pitchers of margaritas.  


Meander to a new market which is tucked away in a series of railway arches. There we try some mega moreish wild mushroom croquettes. 


Finish like we started with a sugar hit in the shape of a gourmet doughnut.


We end up by Borough Market and London Bridge station. 


Sounds good? Get in touch.