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I would like to invite you all to our new food and travel blog. In a time when travel and all sorts of life as a foodie ceases to exist - what's that you say - "that's crazy!" Well, maybe you are right a tad but crazy is a medium I like to dip in and out of and that's the area where life usually has the most layers and adventure. On a serious note though, as life does seem to be put on pause for the moment and the streets of merry old London are somewhat empty, it draws us to use a magnifying glass and to focus a little more on what we may have missed when the hustle and bustle were at its peek. With this unexpected breathing period we may now delve into the city and find some true hidden gems that can finally come to life. From missed golden nuggets of history, fascinating stories, hidden architecture to incredible and delicious foods that may have easily been looked over before.

To start off this blog I will try and find the hardcore street food eateries that are still going strong and providing exceptional food in this odd time we find ourselves in and hopefully be able to record the transition of how London started to wake up again and life as we now it would get back to a more normal state of what we once knew.

Have a good read through and please share any little hidden secrets I have found to our fellow food and travel explorers. If you yourself know of a hidden part of London that needs its story being told, run or know of a restaurant / street food stall etc that you would like to appear on here or even on one of our tours, then please send me a message. If you think you've got that je ne sais quoi, we would love to share your story with everyone else (not without myself going through the very rigorous task of tasting it first of course).

I hope you enjoy this blog whoever you are and follow it from its inception to being one of Walk Eat Talk Eat's vital limbs of the company and helps spread the word around on what this great city has to offer. Perhaps we may even cross paths one day on one of our tours or just as acquaintances and remember! never stop eating, traveling and telling your own stories.


See you soon.

Updated: Feb 24

England - London - Borough Market - Applebee's Fish restaurant / takeaway stall.

Borough Market

Even in lockdown Applebee's takeaway stall still attracts a crowd.

Here whilst on my "daily exercise" I have wondered into the world renowned Borough Market and low and behold there lays Applebee's Fish restaurant with their takeaway fish wraps stall outside. I have always wanted to try one of their fish wraps but the queue would always be too long. There have been times when I have been cajoled so much by the incredible smell then only to have just missed out due to such high demand for their food (they sell out very quickly). Well in the wise words of Buzz Lightyear "Not Today!". I found it slightly ironic though seeing that even in lockdown there was still a queue but this was a good omen for me. It showed that Applebee's still had that special spark for people to perhaps detour on their "daily exercise" and grab a much needed #foodtherapy fish wrap.

As you can see from one of the pictures the menu is very simple; three choices 1. Prawn wrap 2. Cajun fish wrap 3. both. I decided to go for their succulent garlic prawn wrap with a squirt of mayonnaise and chilli sauce then topped off with some lettuce as garnish. In a time where positivity is some what lacking; this wrap whacked a huge smile on my face & stomach. Not only was their food incredible but their service too was very inviting and they had a good energy about them. I look forward to returning to try their Cajun fish wrap in the coming weeks and well; I guess I'll then have to try both of them together because...…why not eh?

Why not go for a small detour on your exercise and grab one of their incredible fish wraps?

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Updated: Jun 3

England - West London - Maida Vale - Little Venice.

Little Venice in London is in the main picture with canal boats on either side.
Little Venice

To believe it was -5 last week and to then look upon these pictures with people in shorts and not seeing a spec of snow in sight would be a very hard one to swallow. But! it is true, how Autumn - now - seems to fuse quite quickly with spring at an earlier stage. I wouldn't hold your breathe though, we had snow in late March last year so my suggestion...…don't put away your favourite scarf to hastily yet. Nevertheless, come any season, this specific part of London will always radiate its beauty in whatever the weather. This my friends is the beautiful area of West London called Little Venice. You could also say that it is in the area of Maida Vale which is true however on my travels you find that Warwick Avenue is much closer especially if you measure that in terms of the tube stations. I think perhaps we are nit picking a little so I'll leave that debate to another day. Where this lovely little area gets its very exotic name from, (Little Venice) it's believed to be coined by 'Lord Byron' who was a politician and poet that used to live closely and wrote about it saying:

“There would be nothing to make the canals of Venice more poetical than that of Paddington, were it not for its artificial adjuncts.”

He was trying to make the comparison of how even the canals in Venice were just as dirty as the ones in Paddington / Little Venice.

Here at the centre point you have three directions which you can take. One taking you towards the Paddington Basin, another heading Eastwards past the beautiful Regents Park and along the grand Regents canal (which might I add there will definitely be a blog in the future along that beautiful pathway and area) and then in the opposite direction you can head down the canal Westwards towards North Kensington and beyond.

If you are a London resident or have never been here it is an area that captures solitude and is a place of calm and a rejuvenating spot for many. Due to the canal boats constantly moving and the different flora and fauna always on the change, it is a canvas that has many different faces and why it always feels like a place that needs exploring again and again if you've been here before.

From my travelling the world, you have cities that pump all their money in the centre of the capital and then leave the more aesthetically less pleasing types of architecture to permeate outwards hmmmm Paris comes to mind. London on the other hand is somewhat different. It's a little hard on the eyes in some areas but that too gives it character, that it's not a city trying to be something that it is not, grit and beauty go hand in hand here. If you know this area too then you will surely know that Little Venice is the prime example of this. If you take a sharp left down West Bourne terrace then you will hit a "beautiful" flyover called the 'West Way Flyover', grit and beauty side-by-side eh?

An Island in the middle.

I had always wondered about this well kept little island in the middle of Little Venice and found out recently that there was more that meets the eye here. The Island is called 'Browning's Island' after the English Poet 'Robert Browning'. He lived closely and actually planted trees on it. I can't verify if that was him who planted the willow tree (as you can see from the picture) but if you find out then please do send me a message?

There's an array of fun things to do here when lockdown ends such as grabbing a pint just by the canal at 'The Bridge house' (I can happily vouch for their Sunday Roasts too, yum!) or if that isn't your weapon of choice then why not pop upstairs to the 'Canal Café theatre' for some thespian entertainment. You can rent out these little electric boats from a company called 'GOBoat London' for the day and whizz up and down the canals or even take the kids to 'The Puppet Theatre Barge' for some family fun. There's a quaint little barge called the 'Waterside Café' that does a lovely breakfast too and if you walk a little further down the canal (that takes you in the direction of Regents park) then you will hit a mysterious tunnel (as seen in the pictures below that pops out towards Regents park). Perched right over is the 'Café Laville' as seen in the pictures. I am yet to pop in there but it will be first on my list when I can, to enjoy a delicious café latte overlooking the canal or to sip on an orange juice like from 'The man from Del Monte'.

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