Terms and conditions for Walk Eat Talk Eat

Updated on 24.02.2022

About Walk Eat Talk Eat

Walk Eat Talk Eat is owned by Eddie Weaver. This includes all websites, www.walkeattalkeat.com and www.walkeattalkeat.co.uk and all logos, any social media accounts with content on their platform that is taken from the website is owned by Eddie Weaver. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Trip advisor.

You can contact Walk Eat Talk Eat via our email address on eddie@walkeattalkeat.com or if you have booked or require extra information through a third party then you will either send an email to the third party’s website which in turn will contact Walk Eat Talk Eat personally or they will pass you our contact details to then contact us personally.

By using our website www.walkeattalkeat.com or www.walkeattalkeat.co.uk you agree to:

1a. That you legally accept to entering a binding contract with Walk Eat Talk Eat and to follow the terms and conditions.

1b. That you are either eighteen or above the age of eighteen years old and can only purchase a ticket if you meet the age requirements as set by Walk Eat Talk Eat.

1c.  Only parent(s) and / or guardian(s) may book an experience on behalf of a person under the age requirement as set by Walk Eat Talk Eat, by doing so you agree to follow these terms and conditions. Walk Eat Talk Eat will not be held responsible if any person under the age of eighteen books a tour with us, resulting in their ticket being invalid.

1d. You must abide by the jurisdiction of England. Walk Eat Talk Eat will not be under any ties with any other jurisdiction.

1e. After payment either through a deposit / full payment for any of our tours and once Walk Eat Talk Eat has provided a tour date for you, then all guest (s) in that party will comply fully to these Terms and Conditions. If there are any queries before a deposit or payment in full has been made regarding any of these terms and conditions, we (Walk Eat Talk Eat) ask you to contact us to resolve any issues / questions that you, or anyone in a party that you might be booking for, might have.


The use of this website

You as the customer will only use this website for personal and private use. All promotion and discount codes will only be valid for single use, they cannot be used for multiple events or added together to claim a larger discount. All discount codes, once submitted to the person, will have the maximum of a year to be used.


All bookings made through either one of our websites (www.walkeattalkeat.com or www.walkeattalkeat.co.uk), through our bookings provider Fareharbor (www.fareharbor.com / https://fareharbor.com/gb/) or through the company personally via invoice for any private bookings, will be subject to these Terms & Conditions. All bookings & payments made through the payment holder which includes third party sites such as PayPal, Facebook, TripAdvisor shall take on the responsibility for these terms and conditions. If any of these third-party sites implement an extra set of their own terms and conditions then we strongly advise that you read their terms and conditions before buying a ticket through a third-party site. Any person who purchases either their own single ticket, tickets on behalf of others in their group or if they buy any ticket or tickets on behalf of anybody else that will attend a Walk Eat Talk Eat tour shall be responsible for their own and anyone else’s ticket if they do not attend a tour.

If a tour is booked on our website (www.walkeattalkeat.com) and through our booking system FareHarbor, then the price of the ticket that is published on our website will include all applicable taxes but excludes booking fee that will be applied by FareHarbor or any other third parties that the customer will book through. Booking fees will vary depending on which third-party the customer books through and Walk Eat Talk Eat will not be liable and does not manage the price that any third-party company so wishes to apply. Please read the third-party terms and conditions before booking a tour with us if you’re not happy paying their rate of booking fee.

If a private tour is booked through us then whatever price Walk Eat Talk Eat has decided to issue through invoice will include all applicable taxes and booking fee. An invoice will be issued out to act as a receipt.

The price of Walk Eat Talk Eat tours may be subject to change from time to time due to the business being affected heavily by the seasons. Once a ticket has been booked via our booking system FareHarbor or privately through us (Invoice) and we have either received full payment or a deposit, then the price that is issued on the invoice or the booking system when you have received your confirmation email will stay at that same price and will not fluctuate.

Discount codes are not eligible for groups or private tours. When booking a ticket(s) from our FareHarbor booking service they will have their own terms and conditions and you therefore should read their terms and conditions before using their processing services.

Once supplied with a ticket it is up to you to check the date and time that has been sent over in the confirmation email for when the tour commences. Once the e-ticket (confirmation email) of the chosen tour and date has been sent to your email, Walk Eat Talk Eat will not be responsible if you have lost the ticket, email, or have inputted the wrong email address when booking the ticket.

All tickets will be emailed to you. It is up to you to present the confirmation email via your phone before the tour has started. Failure to show the confirmation email of your purchased tour will disqualify you from partaking in the experience.


Refunds and cancellations

Every tour that is carried out by Walk Eat Talk Eat is sold as a whole package and no refund on certain parts of the tour can be refunded such as, if a person on a tour has decided to not consume or partake in a specific portion / experience on the tour then they cannot be refunded on parts that they did not choose to participate in. Only refunds can be issued back to the person who paid on their card (whoever made the payment). A full refund via invoice of payment or deposit for a private tour through Walk Eat Talk Eat will be issued back to a person who paid for their tour or on behalf of someone else. You can receive a full refund if you cancel two weeks in advance of the tour. You can receive a half price refund upon cancellation up to forty-eight hours before a tour on your ticket(s) or deposit. Any cancellation below forty-eight hours’ notice disqualifies the ticket holder from any refund.

If a booking is made through FareHarbor then refunds will follow these terms and conditions when:

1a. Earlier than forty-eight hours before availability start time, Refund: 100% of company payments and 100% of affiliate payments.

1b. Earlier than zero hours before availability start time, Refund: 0% of company payments and 0% of affiliate payments.

If a private tour is booked through Walk Eat Talk Eat and the full payment / deposit or both payments have been made then:

  • If a cancellation is made more than two weeks prior to the tour and only the deposit has been paid then the person who made the payment can get a full refund of the deposit. Cancellation at any time less than two weeks before the tour will receive no refund.

  • If only the full payment has been made then the person who made the payment can get a full refund 2 weeks prior to the tour, anytime below this, Walk Eat Talk Eat reserves the right to keep a quarter of the full payment as a deposit.

  • If both the deposit and rest of payment has been made then the person who booked the tour will receive a full re-fund on both, up to two weeks prior to the tour and only the deposit shall be kept if they should choose to cancel anytime under two weeks. Walk Eat Talk Eat will still issue a re-fund for the payment that is separate to the deposit.

Walk Eat Talk Eat's terms and conditions are different to our booking system's (FareHarbor) and this is due to the fact that private bookings usually require Walk Eat Talk Eat to save a specific day meaning that we will not accept any other bookings for that day and could potentially lose more money if someone decides to cancel in between this period. Private groups can also be larger, meaning that we have already booked in other tour guides to save that day in their calendar resulting in the tour guide(s) potentially losing out on other means of making money (other work) if the tour is cancelled between this period. By only accepting full refunds two weeks prior to the tour, we can break even with the other tours that we may have lost out on and pay a small fee to any of the tour guides for keeping that day open.

No tour can be refunded after the purchase of a ticket that has been made clearly here on Walk Eat Talk Eat’s terms and conditions. This applies even in the event of a person cancelling the tour for a reason unbeknown to us. If a ticket holder is late, loses their e-mail confirmation ticket, forgets the date of the tour or wants to cancel their ticket and requests a full refund then Walk Eat Talk Eat will not issue one as explained in previous points in our terms and conditions. Any ticket that has been issued through a third-party site will agree to follow Walk Eat Talk Eat’s terms and conditions and / or to any of the third-party(s) terms and conditions to whichever issue my arise.

We strongly advise the ticket holder to email us directly to explain their circumstance in more detail to possibly move their tour onto another day so they can still attend a tour. If they are leaving the United Kingdom or cannot join another date that Walk Eat Talk Eat has offered them then no refund will be issued. We in turn will issue them with a voucher that can be redeemed next time they are in the United Kingdom or have an available slot in their calendar to join one of our tours in future.

This applies to the current pandemic (Covid-19) if any tour suddenly becomes an area that we cannot tour around then we will contact you - the tourist - and re-schedule another date in the future so that you can still attend one of our tours.

Force Majeure

In the event of any acts of God, flood, political insurgence, terrorist attack, global health pandemic / epidemic, earthquake, fire, failure of public / private telecommunications networks, transport to starting point, riot, insurrection, war, civil unrest, government closure, manmade or natural event outside the control on either party, will not be liable for any agreement that has been agreed beforehand. In the event of any such disaster then each party will contact one other and will discuss with each other what the next necessary steps to take. We reserve the right to cancel any tour if any of these events arise that is out of our control.


Travel Insurance

We strongly advise all guests to obtain travel insurance before the tour just in case of an unforeseen circumstance that could occur. All customers agree that Walk Eat Talk Eat will not be held liable for any unforeseen circumstance that may happen and suggest to get travel insurance to cover any costs that they may lose out on in such a case. In the event of an unforeseen circumstance and that the guest would like to request a re-fund then their claim should be taken out with their insurance provider, not Walk Eat Talk Eat.


Entering other venues whilst on a tour

We expect a sensible manner when entering other third-party venues, Walk Eat Talk Eat will not be liable for any properties that is lost / stolen whilst on a tour or entering a third-party venue. Walk Eat Talk Eat reserves the right to eject you from a tour if you do not comply with our measures or third-party measures such as being respectful to the tour guides, other tourists and comply with any of the third-party venues rules that they expect. This can be turning up to a tour highly intoxicated, on drugs, lying about your age prior to the tour, specifically being asked to not take photos or recording a video of a third-party venue or of tourists when asked not to, being aggressive and rude.

We will always ask beforehand on a tour of what dietary restrictions you have however if you decide to order or choose something different to a food that we pre-selected for you, it is up to you then to notify the staff at any third-party venue of your dietary restrictions, be it not or very serious that could incur yourself into a much more serious health issue. Walk Eat Talk Eat will not be held responsible for any health issue(s), death or suffering in third-party venues. If an unfortunate issue does arise whilst out on a tour then Walk Eat Talk Eat does have public liability insurance for other matters. Walk Eat Talk Eat is covered by Gallagher (Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.) for up to five million pounds. If an unfortunate event does happen whilst out on a tour that Walk Eat Talk Eat has no control over such as a health issue then Walk Eat Talk Eat takes no responsibility in any unforeseen circumstance that could arise.


Content and Intellectual property

Walk Eat Talk Eat will always try to update their content on their website and will always do their best to not infringe on any outside source / company that may find the content on our website not accurate. Walk Eat Talk Eat will also not take any responsibility of any third parties that have added content to Walk Eat Talk Eat website or any social media platforms that may harbour such material.

Walk Eat Talk Eat will always try and update their content on their website but from time to time Walk Eat Talk Eat will make modifications to the website and on any social media accounts that it manages.

Walk Eat Talk Eat reserves the right to recover any intellectual property that we have on our website from anyone who has stolen, edited, copied any material from our website that is owned by Walk Eat Talk Eat.

Any tourist or employee on Walk Eat Talk Eat gives us the permission to use any picture or video that may include themselves whilst on a tour or review that they may have posted on any social media site. This also includes any third-party travel companies that may use our content in advertising or selling our tours too, this also includes all digital and non-digital formats such as websites, books, magazines, brochures. We strongly advise that if you do not want us to use any picture, video, company logo or re-use any review that you may have posted on our site or any social media account then you should inform us before the tour through an email so it is documented.

The company logo for Walk Eat Talk Eat has been designed and is owned outright by Eddie Weaver (owner of Walk Eat Talk Eat).

You agree to not copy any content from our website to either:

A. Create your own touring company that either includes a walking tour experience or food and drink walking tour experience.

B. Not copy any content to then pose as your own to sell and make money from.

Any information that you give to Walk Eat Talk Eat will be used accordingly to the UK’s implementation of the GDPR act from 2018.


Terms and Conditions may be subject to alterations from time to time

Walk Eat Talk Eat reserves the right to alter / modify these terms and conditions if any of the current terms and conditions must be modified for example, changes in law. The terms and conditions found here on the Walk Eat Talk Eat website will surpass any other previous agreements that may have been decided either by email or in talking to one another.



All terms and conditions found here act separately to one another. If any court finds a single term and condition not lawful then only that term and condition will be affected, all other terms and conditions will still be in order and will be in full effect.

These terms and conditions come under English law and will be accepted in only English courts.